Get Ready For The Wood Flooring Installation Process And Crew

Posted on: 13 January 2020

If you're having wood flooring installed throughout your house, you may want to stay elsewhere for a few days until the work is done. If you're only having the new floor put in one room, you might be able to seal off part of your house instead. The installation process for wood flooring can be messy and noisy. The installation crew takes steps to make the process as tolerable as possible, but there are a few things you can do yourself. Talk to your installer about steps you can take to prepare your home, such as the following.

Clear The Rooms Of Furniture

If only your living room is involved, you may want to move all the furniture to a spare bedroom. If the bedrooms will get new flooring too, then you might want to rent a storage container so you can securely store the furniture out of your house but keep it close by. The installation crew might move your furniture around as they work, but since that entails extra labor and time, you'll probably pay more for the job.

By figuring out how to deal with the furniture yourself, you might save money and have peace of mind that your furniture and decorative items are safe and secure, especially if you'll be staying elsewhere during the process.

Seal Off Certain Rooms

The flooring installation crew may put sheeting over the doorways of the room they're working on, but you might want to take extra precautions since installing wood floors is such dusty work. If the crew won't be working in your bedrooms, you can tape plastic sheeting over the doors so no dust can seep through. You might also want to keep your HVAC off or at least cover some vents so dust doesn't get pulled into the ducts and get circulated through your home.

Set Up A Work Area

If you have a convenient place for the crew to store extra equipment and do their sawing work, you may cut down on dust in your home. You might clear out space in your carport or garage or on your covered patio so the crew can use it as a rest and work area. You'll also need space to store the wood planks since they'll need to sit in your home a few days to acclimate to the climate. During this time, you'll want to leave your HVAC settings as usual so the wood acclimates to the humidity and temperature it will experience on a daily basis.

Make Arrangements For Your Family And Pets

You may want to move your family to a hotel, but you may need to take your pets to the vet for boarding. In addition to dust, there will be strong fumes from the finish used on your floors, so you want to wait until the air has cleared before bring your pets and family back home.

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