6 Tips For Refinishing Your Hardwood Floors

Posted on: 21 January 2020

Have your home's hardwood floors seen better days? It may be worth it to refinish the hardwood flooring so that it can look brand-new again. Here are some tips for getting this job done. 

Empty The Rooms

Don't think that refinishing your floors is something that you can efficiently do in sections. You'll want to do all of your sanding at once and then follow it up with staining. Do yourself a favor and clear out all of the rooms that require refinishing. This may mean that you need to store items in your basement, garage, or self-storage unit.

Pick The Right Equipment

When you go to rent the floor sanding equipment, you'll want to get one that does dustless sanding. This type of equipment is going to make the cleanup process much easier than using sanding equipment that doesn't collect the dust. While it is still a good idea to cover vents and doorways so that the dust doesn't escape to other rooms of the house, there will likely be plenty of dust as a result of using equipment that creates dust.

Fill In Holes

Do you have holes or cracks within the flooring material? Now is the time to apply some wood filler to those areas so that they do not look bad with the newly refinished surface. You'll need to let the wood filler dry before you move on to sanding. 

Star With Heavy Grit Sandpaper

You always want to start sanding with heavy-grit sandpaper. This will help remove the existing layer of stain on the floors so that you can give yourself a fresh start. Once all of the stain has been sanded off, follow it up with fine sandpaper to smooth the surface. 

Apply The Stain

Start by cutting in the stain to the edges of the room so that you have a nice border. The stain can be applied to the rest of the floor using a paint roller, but you'll want to rub the wood stain deep into the grains of the wood so that it penetrates the surface. Keep applying more layers of stain to give the floors a darker look.

Apply The Clear Coat

Want the floors to look shiny when you're done? You can always apply a put a clear coating on top of the floors after they drive. This can really make the floors look brand-new again. 

To learn more, contact a wood floor refinishing company.