2 Tips For Getting Your Old Porcelain Tile Floor To Shine

Posted on: 2 February 2020

If your home has old porcelain tile floors, they may be worn out, and it shows. Even when you mop them, they still appear dull, which you may find takes away from the overall visual appeal of your rooms. However, if you are not quite ready to replace the flooring, try using the tips below to help restore at least some of the old tiles' shine.

1. Use a Soft Scrub Brush to Clean the Tiles

Besides the loss of finish due to age, one reason why your porcelain tiles have lost their shine is that dirt, dust, and other grime has built up on their surface. Because the finish on the tiles has most likely worn off, this residue can sink into the pores of the porcelain and create a constantly dull appearance. Even if you mop the floor regularly, the residue will remain unless you get more up close and personal with your cleaning regimen.

To help remove the residue, use a soft scrub brush that has been dipped in soapy water, and clean the floor by hand. Add one or two teaspoons of grease-cutting dish detergent to the water to help cut through the built-up dirt and grime. While scrubbing, use small, circular motions to work the soap and bristles into the pores.

Once you are finished, immediately rinse and dry the floor. Leaving soap or water on the floor will only reset the grime as well as make the floor slippery.

2. Buff the Tiles With a Soft Cloth After Drying Them

After the residue has been cleaned off of the porcelain, and you have thoroughly rinsed and dried the floor, the next thing you can do to help reshine the tiles is to buff them by hand with a soft cloth. While a chamois cloth works best for bringing the shine out in the material, you can also use a mechanic's cloth or cloth diaper for the job. Use the same motion that you did while cleaning and continue until the surface achieves the shine that you desire.

Even if the above tips help your old tiles shine once again, they will not keep their luster for long, and you will probably have to repeat the process every day or every other day, depending on how much foot traffic your floor is subjected to. Instead of putting yourself through the extra work and frustration, contact a flooring company that offers porcelain tiles for sale to see about your options for replacing the old tiles with new ones.