Benefits Of Having An Epoxy Coating Installed Over Your Garage's Concrete Flooring

Posted on: 20 May 2020

Your garage floor can be as long-lasting as the modern inside tile flooring you choose for inside your home. Epoxy flooring is an added material that some home owners choose to have installed over their concrete garage floors. It is an extremely durable coating that converts the garage floor space into an eclectic style of beauty. Epoxy flooring produces a stunning and beautiful type of shine, and that's not all. You can choose which application you wish to have installed from varying hues and colors as well as a blend of colors.

Strength Of Epoxy Flooring

Epoxy undergoes a curing process, which is when one part of epoxy resin is mixed with one part of a specific hardener. The hardener produces a chemical reaction that gives epoxy its strength. Once the mixture is applied to a prepared concrete surface, there is a cross-link in the hardener that gives massive strength to the epoxy flooring. So you now gain an epoxy coating, which is quite thick. It bonds firmly and holds fast to the prepared concrete surface.

Keeping Your Garage Tidy

There is a really neat benefit that you gain from having epoxy flooring installed over your garage's concrete floor. You won't have dust collecting on epoxy flooring because it is an anti-dusting product. Shedding from regular concrete flooring, on the contrary, distributes a lot of dust that ends up on your vehicles, on your tools and other storage items and shelves. Dust is ultimately tracked into your house and will cause misery for allergy sufferers living in your home.

How About Cleaning The Epoxy Floor?

You may at first wonder what happens during the winter when vehicles or even your shoes bring melted snow tracks inside the garage. That issue will not cause you a lot of work, ruin the floor, or cause you to slip and fall. You can tell your contractor that you want a slip-resistant aggregate added to the final epoxy coat, which will then create a non-skid surface. So all you'll have to do is have a suitable mat placed where you and family members can kick off your shoes and leave them there as you would before entering your home from the garage.

Limited Cleaning

Limited cleaning is minimal and easy. Since epoxy flooring is stain resistant, oil drips  and brake fluids as well as gasoline, anti-freeze, and other vehicle chemicals cannot ruin the flooring. Just wipe up any drips that get on the floor with a damp mop, even if a spill settles on the floor for quite a while.