How To Correctly Choose Adhesives For New Flooring Placement

Posted on: 30 December 2020

If you plan on putting down new flooring, you want it staying put. That's possible today thanks to flooring adhesives. You'll be happy with the product you end up with by taking these steps throughout your search.

Consider Waterproof Solutions

Regardless of what new flooring is going in your home, it will probably get wet. If this happened and the adhesive below wasn't waterproof, then it can actually break down. Then your new flooring is more likely to come up and shift out of position.

That's why waterproof adhesive solutions are superior to non-waterproof options. Whether you spill water or wine on the flooring, the adhesive below will stay in good shape and continue doing its job in keeping your new floors in place. Waterproof adhesives also typically have a better longevity range that you can trust. 

Look Into Recommended Flooring Suggestion

Before you start using a particular flooring adhesive around your property, you first want to see exactly what it's recommended for. You should see this information in the product description. It's one of the most important details to review before purchasing a flooring adhesive.

If you're working with tile, then the adhesive needs to be recommended for tile. If you're laying down vinyl planks on the other hand, then this material should be in the supported flooring list. If you don't see that your flooring material is supported by the adhesive, hold off on purchasing until you can find out for sure. 

Take Into Account Location

Where this new flooring is going around your property will greatly influence the flooring adhesive that you end up choosing. Some are pretty flexible and can be used both indoor and outdoor, and then other options are meant for a specific location.

If you do end up putting new flooring outside, make sure the flooring adhesive can handle elements it will be exposed to like wind and rain. Whereas if you're putting new flooring inside, you want an adhesive that's rated well for indoor applications. 

These assessments will help you get the most use out of whichever flooring adhesive you select. 

Without flooring adhesive, new flooring would have a hard time sticking and staying in place. The adhesive options have grown quite a bit over the years. If you're careful about certain details, you'll be able to find great adhesives that keep your new floors in place and looking good each year.

For more information, contact a waterproof flooring adhesive supplier.