4 Tips To Remember When Buying Marble Floor Tiles

Posted on: 29 January 2021

When it comes to flooring, marble tiles are among the best option for homeowners looking for a sleek and elegant home. Gone are the days when marble tiles were used only in the living area because there are a bunch of options to consider depending on your style, quality, traffic, budget, size, and patterns. Below are four tips to consider while purchasing marble floor tiles.

1. Understand Marble's Natural Qualities

Marble is a unique, natural stone used since the ancient period. Each kind of marble slightly differs from others; what kind you should pick depends on your interior style and structure. For a perfect look in any room, go for a heatproof and waterproof marble that is attractive and durable.

Understand that marble is porous and can scratch and stain easily. Also, the marble floor tile thickness determines its quality – thicker tiles are high-quality since tiles that are too thin can break easily during installation.  

2. Slip Resistance

Marble floors tend to be slippery, and the kind of marble used and its finish may influence slip resistance. For instance, marble with a polished or glossy finish offers the least slip resistance, particularly when wet, while the ones with brushed, tumbled or honed finishes offer higher slip resistance. So the anticipated amount of foot traffic on your flooring should dictate the slip-resistant finish you want.

3. Budget

Determining your budget when buying marble largely relies on you as marble's prices and processing costs might vary from place to place. Additionally, size, style or design, shipping, sealing and fittings affect the cost.

Luckily, marble tiles are also available for low-budget homeowners. Before purchasing, you should inspect each slab for any damage, such as scratches, cracks, holes, spots, to ensure you get the best products.

4. Marble Color

Your chosen marble color should match your interior to complement not only your design elements but also other things like walls and furniture. Marble floor tiles come in a wide range of tones like white, gold, green, orange, gray, red, black and brown. Expert interior designers recommend picking a marble flooring color shade similar to the walls and countertops.

In a nutshell, besides the different types of marble floor tiles, your choice should reflect the taste, personality, and style of your house. Your home depicts who you are, so let it speak volumes through its majestic interiors. No matter the color, quality marble tiles are attractive and durable, and they add character and texture in ways no other materials can.