Cork Flooring: Why You Should Consider These Unique Floors For Your Home

Posted on: 20 April 2021

A cork flooring retailer can supply you with enough cork flooring and materials to allow you to put these floors anywhere you want in your home. Cork flooring can be versatile in the way it's used and is a cost-effective option for nearly any room you want to put new flooring in.

If you are thinking of putting new flooring in the living room, children's room, home gym, or another area of your home and you want a flooring option that's different and environmentally sound, then cork flooring is worth looking at. Ask your flooring retailer to show you various styles so you can choose the floors that work best for your design needs and overall budget. Here are some reasons to consider cork flooring for your home.

Cork flooring is affordable

If you want the luxury of hardwood but you don't have the budget to get what you want, then consider cork flooring. Cork flooring is versatile in the way it looks, so you can actually buy planks that resemble real wood but are actually made of cork.

Cork costs about three to six dollars per square foot if you buy the basic plain styles — however, waterproof, colored, or more ornate cork flooring will cost more than that. Expect to pay about $4-8 per square foot for cork flooring on average, although costs will vary depending on how custom you want your floors to be.

Cork flooring is economically-sound

Cork floors are sustainably harvested, only removing the outer layer of bark from the tree to get the cork. Completely natural and organic, cork flooring is your sustainable solution to flooring if you want to be environmentally conscious while still having beautiful floors.

Cork is a great option for any room in the home where you want durable and sustainable flooring. If you want to put cork flooring in the bathroom, laundry room, or kitchen, then consider buying waterproof or water-resistant cork flooring materials.

So long as you have your cork flooring installed professionally, it should last for many years. Cork flooring is soundproof and is easy to clean, making it ideal for even a garage or home gym. Speak to your cork flooring retailer about the different styles of cork you can choose from depending on what style you want in your home and what room you want the flooring in. Your flooring retailer can help you choose the flooring for your needs.