Bringing Vintage Hardwood Flooring Back To Life? What To Know Before You Begin

Posted on: 10 January 2020

Wood is one of a few building materials that can become even more beautiful as it ages. This is especially true for older hardwood floors that have developed a warmth and mellow glow over decades of use and proper care.

But not all vintage hardwood floors have received the care they needed to age well. In fact, some have been mistreated by temperature fluctuations, humidity, pets, and a general lack of care. If have purchased a home with mistreated vintage hardwood flooring that you want to bring back to life, here are some things to know before your project begins. 

Make sure the floors are salvageable

Stripping, sanding, and refinishing hardwood flooring requires a lot of physical work, as well as materials, tools, and resurfacing products. So it makes sense to make sure that the floors are really able to be salvaged before investing in the product. 

Some types of damage that may require replacement of damaged boards, instead of just resurfacing them, include severe water damage, termite damage, or those that have severely buckled from exposure or humidity. 

Look for sources of salvaged hardwood flooring

Having a source of similar hardwood flooring that has been salvaged from condemned homes of a similar age is also a good idea. This is especially important if you already know that some of the boards in your home's hardwood floors are too damaged to repair and will need to be replaced. 

Potential sources for these boards include salvage building supply dealers who specialize in vintage building materials, and home demolition contractors in your area. 

Solve the source of the damage before repairing the floor

Solving the source of the damage is another important part of restoring the beauty to an abused vintage hardwood floor. If the damage is due to water damage, humidity issues within the home, or other curable influences, it makes sense to resolve these issues first so that the repaired hardwood flooring will not also be affected. 

Find a hardwood flooring repair contractor with the right skill set

Most hardwood flooring services are capable of stripping finishes, sanding, and applying a new finish to older hardwood floors. Some may not be capable of removing damaged boards and replacing them without damaging the appearance and value of the entire floor. 

Whether you plan to DIY your project or hire professional help, taking the time to first discuss your hardwood floors and your plan to repair or refinish them with a reputable, local hardwood flooring service will give you valuable insight and ideas for improving your results.