Repair And Restoration Insight To Improve And Protect Your Hardwood Floors

Posted on: 14 January 2020

Hardwood floors in your home are a durable and beautiful flooring option that can look great and last for decades with the right care and restoration. Here are some tips to help you improve the look and condition of the hardwood floors in your home with the right restoration and repair services.

Determine Your Floor's Condition

When you have hardwood flooring in your home that is in need of repair and refinishing, it can pay off to restore a floor's shine and luster by sanding it down to remove the old protective coating. But often the age of your flooring will also result in the floors not being salvageable due to the remaining layer of hardwood on the planks. 

Hardwood flooring is made up of a wood plan that contains a top layer of actual hardwood. When it has been sanded down several times already, each sanding removes a small layer of the hardwood. And after too many refinishing and sanding restorations, there may not be enough actual hardwood left to refinish. This can often result in your hardwood planks splintering and losing the beautiful wood surface on your floors.

If you are not sure about how many times a floor has been sanded and refinished and if this task can be completed again, have a professional inspect your floors. They can also recommend alternative restoration treatments if your floors have undergone too many refinishes. There are several other alternative restoration treatments that you might find can work to improve your floors back to beautiful and durable condition.

Look For an Appropriate Repair 

To restore your hardwood floors appearance, you will need to refinish the surface in addition to repairing any cracks, gouges, and other serious damage, and address any stains to the wood planks. Because wood is an absorbent material, if any liquids are left to sit upon the wood flooring for long enough, the moisture will seep into the floorboards, even if they are finished with a protective coating. Flooring stains can occur if there have ever been pets in the home.

Often a hardwood floor's condition might be great in some areas and seriously damaged in others, making a full refinish difficult. For example, your hardwood floor contains pet stains in the middle of the room where plenty of scratches and gouging have damaged the surface of the floors. However, other parts of your floors are still in great condition, such as the edges of the rooms where traffic has been light, inside closets and under carpets and furniture. 

A hardwood professional can replace patches of your hardwood flooring using pieces from undamaged areas in your home. This provides you with repairs to damaged sections by using existing wood, which reduces the chance of your hardwood repairs standing out because they don't match the rest of the floors. And if your floors have any gaps and cracks that need filling, your professional will consider the time of year and humidity in the air, which can cause your wood to expand or shrink and affect the durability of the repairs. Call a contractor in your area for residential hardwood flooring services