Three Ways To Accent Your Home With Marble Tiles

Posted on: 14 January 2020

Beautifying your home comes with great benefits. Not only do you get to bask in the coziness that a nicely decorated house entails, but it's also fun to delight your guests when they come by to visit. Watching their faces light up as they take in the gorgeousness of your abode makes it all seem so worthwhile. If you're ready to take your house up a few notches and want to "wow" everyone that drops in, use the following interior design ideas to learn how to use marble tiles in specific places to get wonderful results.

Make Your Foyer Come Alive

The foyer is the very first thing that people see when they enter your home. It's almost like the red carpet area that leads into other parts of the property. This is the place where you set the tone for what guests can expect as they venture further into the house. Adding marble floor tile to your foyer can make the area "pop" and add a fun splash to the entryway.

Marble floor tiles come in many different colors so you can really have fun with it. Why not install a sparkly silver or gold swirled tile in the foyer? These are two shades that usually go with any kind of decor. 

Add Marble Tile To Your Bathroom

If you like luxury and want to feel like you're enjoying a spa day every time you enter the bathroom, you'll love the look of a marble floor. The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in virtually any home so it just makes sense to go all out and make the space come alive. Match up the shade of the marble tile with the towels in the room and you've just created an inviting place where you can get ready in style.

Don't Leave The Kitchen Out

Transform your kitchen into a wonderland by installing a marble tile backsplash. Marble tile looks great when it trails around your entire kitchen in a single line or a decorative shape. A marble backsplash should be very easy to maintain because the material wipes clean with just the touch of a damp rag. You'll have a designer kitchen that you just love to prepare meals in.

It's a great time to take your home decor over the top. Call up a flooring contractor and let them introduce you to the wonderful world of marble tile.