How To Know Which Floor Is Right For You

Posted on: 20 January 2020

Your floor has a great impact on the appearance of your home. For that reason, when you're installing a home, you'll want to put a lot of thought into the type of floor that is right for you. You'll want to consider not only current trends but also what you prefer. Also, there are several other factors to consider when choosing your floor.

Overall Costs

The cost of the flooring materials should not dissuade you because some flooring materials that are expensive can cost you less money in the long run. For example, hardwood floors have a more expensive upfront cost, but will last a long time. There are hardwood floors that have lasted for 100 years. Also, your hardwood floor will never go out of style. The only aspect that goes out of style is the stain trends.

Moisture Exposure

If the flooring will be installed in an area that has a lot of moisture, you'll need to use a flooring type that is suited for high-moisture areas. However, while hardwood flooring is not typically well-suited for high moisture areas, engineered hardwood floors are designed in such a way that makes them resistant to moisture. If you are installing the flooring in a low moisture area, you can use any type of flooring.

Variations for the Type of Flooring

When you aren't sure about a particular flooring choice, remember that there may be less-popular options that you may prefer. For example, with hardwood flooring, the most common tree species used is oak. However, Brazilian cherry is another type of wood to consider.

Lifestyle Considerations

Consider your lifestyle when choosing your flooring. Some homeowners are rarely at home, and the house is a place for sleeping and dining. Other homes are the frequent location for parties or may have children playing. You'll need a floor that can be resistant to your lifestyle choices. Everyone wants flooring that is durable, but it may not be a top priority if you won't subject your flooring to a lot of stress.


Find out how much work is needed to maintain your flooring. You might think that hardwood flooring requires extra work you would not like to do, but maintaining a carpet can be just as difficult. You will need to vacuum and shampoo a carpet periodically, and it's vulnerable to stains. However, when you put thought into the type of flooring you'll choose, you can make the decision with confidence.

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