Why Vinyl Flooring Is A Good Match For Your Laundry Room

Posted on: 29 June 2020

If you're planning to put in a new laundry room or update your old one, you might be looking for suitable flooring. Vinyl flooring would be perfect for a laundry room whether you want to install it yourself or hire someone else to put in your new floor. Here's why vinyl is a good match for a laundry room.

You Can Probably Install It Yourself

You might save on installation costs if you put the flooring down yourself. Since your laundry room is probably small, it wouldn't be a huge undertaking. Vinyl flooring can be installed in a few different ways, depending on the type of flooring you buy.

You could buy vinyl sheet flooring and have the flooring store cut a sheet that would fit in the room. Some sheets are laid down loose, so you don't even have to use any adhesive. Vinyl is also easy to cut, so you can trim the flooring with a utility knife for an exact fit.

You can also buy vinyl tiles and planks. Tiles often come with peel-and-stick backing for easy application. Planks lock together or adhere to each other. You can also use adhesive to secure the flooring to the subfloor. You might want to do this around the edges of sheet flooring as an added waterproofing measure.

Vinyl Flooring Resists Water Damage

You can buy waterproof or water-resistant vinyl flooring. This is important for a laundry room where minor spills and splashes are likely to happen. Your laundry room might even experience a major spill or washer overflow, so you want flooring that won't be ruined or allow water to seep down to the subfloor.

You always want to dry water spills as fast as possible to keep water from running under the washer and dryer or seeping behind walls, but you shouldn't have to worry about daily spills and drips harming the vinyl.

You Can Get Creative With Vinyl

You might want vinyl planks that match the wood or stone flooring in the rest of your house, but since vinyl comes in many colors and patterns, you might want to get creative with your laundry room floor. You could create a checkerboard look or buy red or green tiles for a unique design that's different from the traditional flooring in your other rooms.

Vinyl Is Easy To Maintain

You may have to work hard to keep wood floors in your home clean and beautiful, but tile is much easier to maintain. You can wet mop it, sweep it, or dust mop the flooring to keep it free of dust and debris. If you spill something that leaves a stain, you may want to use a cleaner other than water. Just buy a vinyl floor cleaner so you can remove stains without harming the floor.