What To Expect When You Have A New Tile Floor Installed

Posted on: 9 September 2020

Tile flooring adds beauty to any room in your home, and it is suitable for kitchens, baths, and living areas. Tile is a durable flooring that lasts for many years, but the only drawback is that it isn't easy to install. You'll probably want to hire a professional tall installer. Here are a few steps to expect with tile flooring installation.

Have Your Home Measured

The first step is to look at all the tile flooring options available and pick out the type you want for your home. Then you'll need to have your home measured accurately so you know how much tile you have to order. Once you know what you need, you can order the tiles and arrange for the installation. The tiles may be delivered a few days in advance of the work date, so have a place ready to keep the tiles until they're needed.

Move Belongings Out Of The Way

You'll need to have your furniture moved out of the way when you have your home measured, and the furniture has to be out of the room when the tile is installed. Ask the installer how to handle this part of the installation. The crew might move furniture out of the way while they work, but you may be responsible for moving decor items, fragile belongings, and heavy things like a piano. If necessary, you may need to call a moving service to help clear the space.

Remove The Old Flooring

Removing old flooring and putting in new tile can be loud and messy, so you may want to leave your home while work is going on. The type of old flooring you have determines how much disruption there will be. The old floor has to be torn up and removed from your property, and the subfloor is then repaired if it needs it and cleaned and dried to get ready for the new tile.

Install The New Tile

Tile flooring installation involves the use of mortar and grout to hold the tiles in place. Mortar is put down first and the tiles are placed on top keeping them apart with spacers. The space between the tiles is then filled with grout. It may take a few days for the grout to dry enough for you to walk on the floors or get the floors wet.

Be sure you know when you can use your floors so you don't cause any damage and so you can make plans if you have to avoid your kitchen for a couple of days.

For more information, reach out to a tile installation service.