5 Reasons Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring Is Best For Your Home

Posted on: 26 March 2021

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is more affordable than wood flooring, yet provides the same natural look and comfort. Besides, it is easy to clean and maintain, a reason many homeowners choose it for remodeling their homes. Here are more benefits for installing luxury vinyl plank flooring in your home or office.

1. It Resist Scratching

Vinyl plank flooring does not wear out quickly. It does not lose its great appearance because it resists scratching. Thus, it is much better than other flooring types, such as hardwood flooring, which is easily damaged on top by scratches. Those who live with pets find that their pets might like scratching floors all the time.

Pets often do scratch the floor while playing and walking. Dogs' nails, for instance, can leave permanent scratches on wooden flooring. If you install wooden flooring, you will have to incur an extra expense to buy a mat to prevent this. This is not the case when working with vinyl plank flooring. Vinyl is also highly resistant to stains, making it is easy to clean.

2. It Is Easy and Quick to Install    

Installing wooden flooring takes several days, and it is also heavy. In comparison, installing vinyl plank flooring might take only one day, depending on the floor size. This is because it is lighter and requires lesser labor to place and fix than wooden and stone flooring.    

3. It Is Less Expensive to Install

Luxury vinyl planks require lesser manual labor to install than wood or stone flooring. Thus, you pay a lesser amount of money to install it. The floor is also affordable than wood and stone flooring, especially when you factor in the installation costs.

4. It Reduces Your Carbon Footprint 

The world is now focusing on green building solutions that don't harm the environment. Using vinyl flooring reduces the number of trees that would be used to make wooden flooring. Besides, making stone flooring produces dust and particulate matter that can harm humans and animals. This is not the case when making luxury vinyl pranks.

5. It Is Waterproof 

Vinyl plank flooring is the most preferred type of flooring for those who live in places or conditions where water easily enters the house. For instance, those who live with pets know that they sometimes like playing in the mud outside and then coming in to soil the floor. Additionally, even if your dog is potty-trained, it sometimes wets the floor and might ruin some flooring, especially carpets.

Vinyl will not be easily damaged by water compared to hardwood or laminate flooring. First, it will not absorb the water, which means there are no internal problems to expect. Second, it does not wet, which is a significant advantage.

Luxury vinyl plank flooring is less expensive and quick to install compared to wooden or stone flooring. It is also resistant to scratching and easy to maintain. All you need is to hire experienced professionals for installation.